Solution Service

The array of value-added secondary services that complement our production capabilities, and quality. If you have heat shrink tube manufacturing process that we have not detailed below please provide us with your requirements. Our Application engineers are available to answer questions and assist in your design or material selections. 


Heat shrink tube Cutting services provide customers with the ability to order custom cut to length pieces to precision tolerances of +/- .010″ inches. Cut services can be customized for custom coil lengths and straight lengths.

Etching - Inside or Outside Diameter

Wellele &xinray provides the industry with a highly effective etch that can be applied in-line as well as off-line. Etching chemicals are used to modify the surface of the fluoroplastic materials to enhance the bondability of the material surface. Learn more about PTFE Etched Thin Wall Liners here.


Custom engineered flaring equipment and years of experience  provide consistent quality from part to part.

Special Packaging/Labeling

Xinray&wellele offers customer labels and barcoding, specially printed boxes, heat shrink tube manufacturing process up and special quantity packaging so that you have only to stock your shelves.