The size of OD and THK according to manufacturing and the actual demands of customers. Polyperfluoroethylene (FEP, F46) transparent tubeFEP transparent tube use Liquid crystal manufacturing device Single-end light-emitting single-core optical fiber tube Heat exchanger, steam piping High-purity reagent delivery tube Various corrosive media (harsh solvents) pipelines Various frequency wire and cable sheaths, slot insulation tubes Slot insulation tube for submersible motor Air conditioning wiring harness assembly tube All-inclusive Fluoroplastic O-ring Seal Tube Use characteristics High and low-temperature resistance: -200–200 ℃ Non-sticky, fight the water, fight oil Electrical reliability, high insulation he dielectric constant viscosity at high and low temperatures of 60HZ-60MHZ is 2.1. Even if the Volume resistance> 1018ΩM, surface resistance> 2 * 1013ΩM, arc resistance> 165 seconds without leakage Corrosion resistance Only elemental fluorine at high temperatures, alkali metals work with it, and it has no effect on all other concentrated and dilutes inorganic-organic acids, alkalis, and esters Low water absorption: low water absorption <0.01%


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