Halogen-free non-flame-retardant ultra-thin Single wall heat shrink tubing


Single wall heat shrink tubing

It provides single wall heat shrink tubing with a diameter range of 0.4 to 200mm, as well as customization services. These single-wall heat shrinkable products feature outstanding insulation and quick shrinking performance. The shrink ratios are 2:1, 3:1, and 4:1. In addition, the single wall heat shrink tubes are used as insulation protection for wire bundles in electronic, automotive, and communication fields using high-quality polymer, scientific formula, mechanical blending into polymer alloy, the product is formed by electron accelerator irradiation crosslinking continuous expansion. The product has the advantages of environmental protection, soft, flame retardant, fast shrinkage, and stable performance. Widely used in wire connection, solder joint protection, wire end, wire harness and electronic components of the protection and insulation treatment; Fitness equipment parts and steel structure surface protection; Anti-rust and anti-corrosion treatment of related products; Identification of wires and other products.


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