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Medical Grade Teflon Tube,Medical PTFE hose Teflon Tube OEM,PTFE Tubing | Medical Device Tubing | Medical Extrusion FDA Grade Teflon Hose PTFE Tubing Virgin PTFE Tube Supplier

Medical Grade Teflon PTFE Tube


Medical PTFE hose Teflon Tube OEM, FDA Grade Teflon Hose PTFE Tubing Virgin PTFE Tube Supplier .Teflon hose (PTFE)atso called PTFE hose is of high quality imported plastic hose health level. Comply with FDA certification.

Medical Grade Teflon PTFE Tube High temperature resistant--working temperature to 250 celcius. High low temperature resistance--high mechanical toughness;even if the temperature drops to 196 ℃, also can keep 5% elongation. Corrosion resistance -- to most chemicals and solvents, inert, acid alkali, water and a variety of organic solvents. Weather - to be the best in the plastic in aging life. High lubrication -- is the lowest in the friction coefficient in solid materials. Don't stick --the surface tension of the solid material don't adhere to any material. Non-toxic-- a physiological inertia, long as artificial blood vessels and organs implanted without adverse reaction.

Specifications / Features:

• Material: PTFE
• Length: 2m
• External: 4mm
• Internal: 2mm
• Color: white
• Feature: hard texture, high strength, not easy to damage, is not easy to age
.OEM special-shaped Medical PTFE hose

PTFE and FEP is part of the fEuorine plastic material gens, almost ait of these materials to tolerance chemicals and solution. They have to -200'Cto + 2 00 "C Operating temperature range. They have low friction coefficient, at low temperature remain elastic. The electric resistance is very high, and its insulation makes it a good option for insulator. The material is natural not to bum, and non - toxic, resistance to ultraviolet light- Because of their low coefficient of friction, it Is difficult to use glue on the materiaL resistance welding, Unless the operation under high temperature and high pressure. PTFE and FEP by high pressure sterilization, the blessed rays ethylene oxide or dry heat stenlizstion.

Products; high Quanlity, teflon hose. Full name: ptfe hose
Product application:used for stable non-toxic materials, pharmaceutical and industrial purposes, most chemical solvents in a wide range of temperature unit tolerance; Grinding environment installation
Features: the quality is lights translucent^ Don't bum, pure, low friction, a very wide range of operating temperature rangei There is no
paste. With most of the chemicals is very stable
Temperature range: 200C to + 280C ,-328C to + 536 CF)
Disinfection: dry; Ng a ray; High pressure sterilization; Ethylene oxide Hardness: 64 shore D + / - 6 Extend the breaking point: 200% soo%
Authentication: the fda

if necessary, arty size we can custom-rnade for the customer Medical Grade Teflon PTFE Tube .



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