heat shrink tube production process

Heat shrinkable tubing is a thermoplastic material, a material that shrinks when heated.
What is heated shrink tubing? Heat shrinkable tubing will keep its original shape at room temperature, but after reaching a certain temperature, it will start to shrink, usually to the size of the expansion before, we call this kind of material heat shrinkable material.

Heat-shrinkable tubing is a polymer material, his main components can be divided into: PE polyethylene heat-shrinkable tubing, PVC PVC heat-shrinkable tubing, PET heat-shrinkable tubing, Teflon heat-shrinkable tubing, EVA heat-shrinkable tubing, rubber heat-shrinkable tubing and other new materials heat-shrinkable tubing and so on.
Heat shrinkable tubing production process: heat shrinkable tubing processing process usually have masterbatch granulation, pipe extrusion, irradiation cross-linking, pipe expansion, printing and packaging processes.

More detailed  Heat-shrinkable tubing is divided into.
1. Masterbatch granulation: take the material according to the recipe of producing heat shrinkable tubing, and then use the mixing machine to mix and produce the required masterbatch particles.
2. tube extrusion: The produced masterbatch particles will be put into the compacting machine and the qualified pipe will be extruded according to the special process.
3. Radiation cross-linking: After extrusion, the tube needs to be irradiated by a gas pedal, and the polymer material inside the tube is cross-linked to make it a net-like structure, with chemical bonds between chain segments and chain segments, and strong interaction forces.
4. tube expansion: The pipe is preheated to a high temperature and then expanded by external force to make the caliber of the heat shrinkable pipe larger, and then cooled quickly to room temperature, so that the shape of the expanded pipe will be shaped down.
5. Printing and packaging: the expansion of the heat-shrinkable tubing with the printing wheel to print a good word (some customers will specify that the word is not printed, you can omit this step), the printed word heat-shrinkable tube in the machine around the disk set on the plastic film box can be.
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