copper tube busbar

Copper and busbar heat shrink details -1kv-10kv-35kv

Copper row as the name implies is also the bus bar heat shrinkable tube, then the copper row heat shrinkable tube has what specifications? The following gives you a detailed introduction to.

1kv continuous busbar protection heat shrinkable sleeve

Continuous busbar protection heat-shrinkable sleeving is made of environmentally friendly polyolefin heat-shrinkable material with high-energy electron beam bombardment cross-linking, limiting PBB, PBBD, PBBE class and heavy metals and other environmentally harmful substances, not producing toxic gas and harmful substances when burning, capable of providing high insulation strength and resistance to electrical carbon traces, suitable for busbar and electrical equipment corrosion and insulation protection, certified by UL.

Product characteristics

  • Shrinkage ratio: 2:1 (1kV, 35kV, 10kV busbars)
  • Shrinkage temperature: 84℃~120℃
  • Working temperature: -55℃~125℃
  • Environmentally friendly, high strength, good elasticity, flame retardant, soft

Product use

Copper and busbar heat shrink details
Copper and busbar heat shrink details
  • Functional use: Electrical insulation, mechanical protection, reducing phase spacing, making connector boxes.
  • Application areas: Electric power industry

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