copper tube busbar

Bus bar heat shrink tube in the application of high and low voltage distribution cabinet
We usually mention the bus bar heat shrink tube is mainly applied to the bus bar copper insulation protection heat shrink tube, which is essentially a heat shrink tube, because the main application in the copper bus bar reasons, also known as copper heat shrink tube or bus bar heat shrink tube, compared to the ordinary heat shrink tube, bus bar heat shrink tube because of the wall thickness of the problem has more insulation performance, more secure in terms of voltage resistance, mainly can play a safe protection or shorten the Safety distance insulation role.

When it comes to the use of bus bar heat shrinkable tube, first we need to know about the selection of the problem, usually the bus bar heat shrinkable tube is flat, we have to learn to calculate the actual inner diameter through the flat tube, the formula for calculating the inner diameter ≈ (flattened width – 2 times the wall thickness of one side) * 2/π, so that you can get the inner diameter before shrinkage.
Our bus bar heat shrink  tube from the voltage level to distinguish the main three (1KV, 10KV and 35KV), we usually choose the bus bar heat shrinkable tube voltage level must be greater than the actual use of the voltage size, otherwise there will be safety hazards, bear in mind.

Information provided on the size of the copper row may have the following.
Common language Copper row specifications Copper row cross-section size Select bus bar tube size
100 of the copper row 100 * 10 (square row) 1000mm2 recommended Ф100
Square row of 300 square 60*5 (square row) 300mm2 Recommended Ф60
1200 square of tubular bus bar Ф20 of tubular row 1200mm2 recommended Ф30
20 of the tubular bus bar Ф20 of the tubular row 1200mm2 recommended Ф30





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