10kv 20kv 35kv PE Heat Shrink Busbar Tube

Heat Shrink Busbar Tube, Busbar Protect Colorful Plastic Heat Shrink Busbar  tube   ,1kv,10kv,11KV,20KV ,24KV 36KV heat-shrinkable insulating tube busbar, Fire Resistant Heat Shrink Tube  Busbar. the initial shrinkage temperature to 70*C, all bounce back temperature 12SC or less. Due to the busbar tube being thicker,under 12(TC heat shrink too slow, suggest customers use when using hot Air pressure gun uniform heating or above 120 *C oven heating contraction; (5) The applicable temperature range: -40~125#C; Utilization of 10% or less; is medium and heavy wall heat shrinkable tubing. Made from specially formulated radiation cross-linked halogen-free compounds. It can provide high resistance to tracking and arcing. Used to enhance the insulation properties of bus-bar in switch and substation to adapt to  mv busbar insulation tube  application in bus bars up to 11kV, 20kv 24kV,36kV

Heat Shrink Busher Tube